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Event Design Build is the best team of New Orleans Event Designers around. In order to be the best in the business, you have to know all the new trends and keep up with the ever evolving corporate event world. As you start to plan an event you may realize it is difficult to keep up with event industry lingo, especially since the field is evolving all the time. Terms like experiential marketing to mobile micro-moments, the lingo changes as fast as the technology. 

To help you keep up, here is some information on the latest lingo and what it means. 

Modernize your event with “moderation apps”

Instead of using audience microphones at events consider using moderation apps like Glisser and which allow you to moderate Q&A without having to pass around a mic. You can also moderate attendee questions before the event to gain traction before the event even starts. 

Master “mobile micro-moments”

People turn to their phones to do almost anything, which is linked to micro-moments, time when people get things done on mobile devices. To get people to know about your event and buy a ticket you have to reach them during micro-moments. That means you have to design information about your event for a mobile device. 

Embrace the “internet of things”

The internet of things applies to any device people use in our day-to-day lives that are enabled by the internet. Like the apple watch and fitbits, there are a lot of applications for event organizers. From using devices to read “hidden” information in event posters, to using RFID to enhance attendee experience there are many “internet of things” for the event industry. 

Define your “KPIs” for event success

Values a business assigns to assess whether various and specific goals are being met are known as Key Performance Indicators” or KPI’s. To gauge the success of your event, you need to know which exact KPI’s matter to your business, which can be measured by social media data, event ticketing data and website data. 

Whether you want to know more about event planning lingo or help with your event, contact us at Event Design Build.