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Event Design Build collaborated with AARP on a targeted direct response initiative for the 2012 Life @ 50+ National Expo and Concert, aiming to generate substantial ticket sales, setting an ambitious target of $1 million. Our comprehensive approach involved crafting and overseeing messaging across various media platforms such as television, radio, and online channels. We strategically targeted major regional markets surrounding the event, optimizing impression allocations while closely monitoring conversion rates. Through meticulous analysis and adaptation, we successfully reduced the cost per acquisition throughout the campaign, refining messaging to appeal to a broader demographic.

The outcome was remarkable: a turnout of 16,000 attendees at the AARP Life @ 50+ National Expo and the sale of 8,554 concert tickets. The combined revenue from event and concert ticket sales surpassed the initial $1 million objective. This achievement underscored the effectiveness of our strategic planning, dynamic messaging, and agile campaign management approach. By leveraging data-driven insights and continuously refining our tactics, we not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering tangible results and maximizing the impact of the campaign for AARP.


  • Consulting
  • Design and Development
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Audio-Visual Systems Design
  • Printing & Fabrication
  • Post- Production
AARP Life@50+ Event
AARP Life@50+ Event


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AARP Life@50+ Event
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