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Don’t Think Pink

Every year on February 14th, singles, couples and children celebrate Valentine’s Day. For years, pink and red have been synonymous with the Holiday of love but times are changing. Event planning professionals are starting to think outside of the box and experiment with other color schemes for this special day. Here are some color combinations that still evoke those warm and fuzzy feelings.

Lavender and Soft Yellow
Pink is so popular on Valentine’s Day because it’s easy to find flowers in that color. Purple and yellow happen to be commonly found flower colors as well.

Black and white with a pop of color
If you want to evoke a sense of nostalgia, black and white is a great color combination for Valentine’s Day. If you add a pop of color in a small way to make something stand out, the effects are even better!

Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue, and Crystal
You should feel luxurious on Valentine’s Day. Choosing vibrant colors that can be found in gemstones for your special event is an excellent way to achieve a sense of royalty. Choosing a setting with emerald-green, sapphire blue, and other colors that sparkle to make the evening have a royal appeal.

People love pink for Valentine’s Day because it is feminine, delicate, and pretty but the same can be said about the color purple. Purple has been known to be the grown-up version of pink. This year try adding a feminine touch to your event by utilizing purple.

Tangerine, Cranberry, and Grape
These colors stimulate appetites and put people in “high arousal mode.”  These colors create the mood for passion and romance.

If you’d rather have a more relaxing and comfortable Valentine’s Day: go for pastels. Vibrant colors make everything seem fast-paced, but soft colors have the opposite effect.

Here at Event Design Build, we create unforgettable events by getting every detail perfect from the music, to the venue, all the way to the color scheme. Knowing the psychology of color is very important to creating the event of your dreams. If you are looking for event planning professionals to help plan your event, show Event Design Build some love!