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Mercedes-Benz of Mobile

Polo at the Point

Mercedes-Benz of Mobile proudly presented its philanthropic spirit of the community by serving as a key sponsor of "Polo at the Point," an esteemed charity event hosted annually at the picturesque Point Clear Polo Club in Fairhope, Alabama. This highly anticipated event not only showcases the elegance of equestrian sport but also serves as a beacon of hope, raising crucial funds for cancer research, local non-profit organizations, and children's charities.

Recognizing the significance of this partnership, Event Design Build embarked on a mission to amplify Mercedes-Benz of Mobile's presence at the event, ensuring that their commitment to philanthropy and community engagement was prominently showcased. Leveraging our expertise in experiential design, we conceived a "Mercedes-Benz-themed" décor concept for the sponsorship tent, infusing every element with the unmistakable essence of luxury and sophistication.

From sleek and contemporary furnishings to branded accents and immersive displays showcasing the latest Mercedes-Benz models, every detail was thoughtfully curated to captivate attendees and reinforce the brand's association with excellence and generosity. The sponsorship tent became a focal point of the event, drawing guests in with its inviting ambiance and serving as a hub for meaningful connections and charitable contributions.

By seamlessly integrating Mercedes-Benz of Mobile's identity into the fabric of "Polo at the Point," Event Design Build helped to elevate the client's visibility and impact within the community while contributing to the success of a worthy cause. Together, we transformed a simple sponsorship into a meaningful opportunity to make a difference and leave a lasting impression on all who attended.


  • Consulting
  • Event Design and Development
  • Technical Design
  • Project Management
  • Printing & Fabrication
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Quick Build Out
  • $150,000 Raised for Charity
  • Over 3,000 Attendees
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