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Boycott Bowl and More | NOLA Celebrates Through Pain

You’ve probably heard of the Boycott Bowl. Here in New Orleans, we love to celebrate. Even during times where other states wouldn’t celebrate, New Orleans comes up with a plan. If you haven’t been living under a rock recently, you know full and well that the 2019 Super Bowl is a sore subject for Saints Fans! Here at Event Design Build, we know how important it is to have every single detail of your event to be on brand and tied in with the theme. We would like to take a moment to appreciate the city of New Orleans taking our heartbreak and turning it into a good time. Are you planning your own Super Bowl event (or lack thereof?) Here are some ways that local businesses are dealing with their football grief this year.

Food Service

Bywater bakery changed the message frosted onto its black and gold king cakes from “Go Saints!” to “We Was Robbed!” Meanwhile Haydel’s Bakery have been selling goat-shaped cookies in honor of Drew Brees but immediately added the “no ref” cookie. At Miel Brewery, a beer that was made to serve as an Alvin Kamara Tribute was made using his favorite candy: airheads. This beer is now serving as a beer of defiance.


Ok, so maybe you’re going to throw your own Super Bowl protest party this year, but if you want to get away from your house, there are plenty of events to choose from!

Boycott Bowl

Hosted by Brandon Rizutto and Travis Laurendine and friends are hosting the Boycott Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. This will be a music festival that celebrates New Orleans culture and gives back to the musicians, chefs, bartenders, and service industry workers of the city.

Black & Gold Second Line Parade

There’s no celebration like a second line. You can mourn the end of the Saints season with this parade through the French Quarter beginning at 2 p.m. This parade will go from Jackson Square to Decatur Street, Canal Street, then Bourbon street where it will disband.

Tracey’s Original Irish Channel Bar

Traceys will be hosting the puppybowl with Crawfish. In addition, they will be playing the 2010 Saints Superbowl! Cruisin for the Saints

Everybody get your roll on for the Saints at the New Orleans Lakefront on Super Bowl Sunday. Come show your support with the WHO DAT Fans at 7546 Lakeshore Dr. Shelter 1 starting at 9 a.m. Wear your black and gold attire and show your love for the Black and Gold. Parking is available across from Landry’s Seafood.

Here at Event Design Build, we LOVE taking inspiration from all the creative people of New Orleans. Will you be watching the Super Bowl or will you join in a jubilant protest with others? We would love to know ! Leave your answer in the comments.