Concert Production

Your Concert Ticket: More Than The Entertainment

Let’s face it; a great concert is more about the artist that you are going to see perform. Many elements factor into the exchange between a fan and a musician – the size of the venue, cost, length of the tour, availability and the price of refreshments. As a performer or a fan, it’s important to know the economics of live shows.

Each year, Pollstar publishes a list of the top-grossing tours in North America and the world showcasing the tours where a musician sells out arenas around the country. For example, Bon Jovi’s 80-date tour was documented at grossing a world-beating $201 million. Musicians don’t depend on ticket sales for their income at the upper end of the industry. Instead, they get paid a flat rate for a certain number of our dates. Artists that aren’t as well known have to prove their value and their ability to draw fans to venue owners and promoters. For bands at this level, every ticket counts.

Audience members also want to make sure they are able to purchase refreshments in a timely manner without breaking their budget. Refreshments play a large role in the revenue of a venue for any concert. Some concerts create signature beverages to go along with certain events, which in the age of social media goes a long way. This increases the chance of the signature beverage being photographed and shared across all social media platforms with hashtags to generate a buzz around the venue.

Anytime people gather in large crowds there are risks: Especially when you consider the electricity and equipment needed for lights, sound, special effects and food service. Because of this, Venue owners also have to pay for insurance. This protects the musicians, workers, and the audience from dangers and risks such as:

   – Stage falls

   – Stage collapses

   – Audience risks: fire, violence, etc.

Some of the best concerts aren’t memorable because of the actual performing, but the sound and the lighting. Scientists have studied the ways that sound and light affect us when put together and found out that humans react with a sensation called “frissions” the occurs when dopamine floods the body. This causes a person to get more of a direct thrill and have a stronger connection, thus turning them into a lifetime fan. Sound engineers and lighting designers can help bring about emotional and physiological responses by understanding frequencies, lighting design and displays, and of course the music that it goes along with.

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