engage your event audience

Three Ways to Engage Your Event Audience

Are you trying to find ways to engage your event audience? You may have everything correctly in place for your next corporate event. Even if your caterer, venue, and event highlights are all in place, you could miss the mark entirely if your event isn’t engaging. Whether your event has 50 or 5,000 attendees, Event Design Build wants to make sure that you know these three ways to engage your audience to ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience.

Social Media

Many people use social media to promote an upcoming event, but you shouldn’t stop using social media once the event kicks off. There are tons of opportunities where you can leverage social during and after your event.

Before the event, come up with a hashtag and incorporate it across the social media platforms. Hashtags have proven to increase engagement rate two times higher than posts without hashtags.

During the event, the easiest way to keep the momentum going is to live tweet. Besides, you can provide a live stream through Instagram and Facebook, so those that could not attend can still be a part of the event.


Another way to encourage your event audience to engage is to set up a situation that pushes them to do just that: a networking event. If you don’t have a networking opportunity at your event, it’s easy to write one into your schedule before or after a keynote or breakout session.

Room Design

This one is significant. Positioning your attendees in a seat or table that enhances their cognitive engagement. Diagramming your room is a big factor in planning your meeting because it will ensure that your attendees had the right viewpoint to experience all of the efforts that you put into your event.

Here at Event Design Build, we know how to create corporate events that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish. Our talented team can tackle anything. Come see why we are the premier event design company in New Orleans!