Event Planners in New Orleans

It’s Time To Have a Ball!

Are you looking for the right event planners in New Orleans? To outsiders, Mardi Gras is all about parades and outdoor festivals. For locals, it’s a whole other world. The highlight of the season is the formal indoor parties that are known as Mardi Gras Balls that are thrown by social clubs. This practice began in the 1850s, where the balls were a part of the city’s social order. In modern times, balls are expensive or maybe so exclusive that they are impossible to get into.

Mardi Gras begins twelve days after Christmas and concludes on Fat Tuesday, the day after Ash Wednesday. Throughout the season, dozens of social organizations known as krewes participate in various activities throughout the season. Many of these krewes require annual membership fees, strong social connections. Sometimes, krewe membership is granted just by being born into a prominent family.

The more traditional balls present tableaux, which are staged pageants that depict stories from mythology or history. They also include ceremonies in which the kings, queens and other high-ranking krewe members are announced for the year. Other balls are less serious and more about eating, dancing, and drinking.

Organizations, companies, businesses, and krewes alike throw these types of parties. There are several steps that planners can take to make it the party of the century.

Set a goal

It’s important to set goals first and then determine the type of event that will achieve those goals. Building a mailing list of the guests long beforehand helps is the first step of this process.

Know the scope of the event

Scale the event’s scope to your level of experience. If this is your first time hosting an event, you don’t want to start with the bar too high.

Make sure the timing is right

Timing is crucial to the success of your event. During Mardi Gras, you will be competing with many other events in the community. Choose a specific theme or benefit for your event that will set your event apart from others.

Set a budget

You may find the cost to be adding up at an alarming rate when you are envisioning your event. Consider seeking a sponsor for your event or charging admission. The cash collected for Marid Gras ball admission benefits charities but can’t be written off. If your business is throwing an event, consider partnering with a complementary company to share the costs.

Think everything through

Take the time to sit down with your team and mentally walk through every step of the event. Many people forget essential details of their event like chairs and napkins. It’s also important to think about the amount of physical help that you will require to set up before the event and break down after the event.

Choose the right team

Making sure responsibilities are clear, ensures that there are no gaps in your event. Event Design Build is a team of top-notch event planners in New Orleans, and we will take care of every aspect of your event. From the color schemes to the scheduling, all the way to the fine details that make your event memorable. Event Design Build is confident that we can make your event one to be talked about for years. Also, we have experience building buzz, alerting media, and creating a marketing plan to get the word out. We have built many successful promotions that have taken ordinary events to the extraordinary level. If you are looking for the right team to handle your event so that you can sit back and relax with your guests: Event Design Build is your destination.