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The 80’s Are Back!

Vinyl record sales are through the roof, shoulder pads in clothing are popular, bright makeup is trendy, and have you noticed how big the hair is? If you have become increasingly aware of neon colors, deep synth music in movies and TV shows, and familiar clothes you’re not alone. There’s a decade that has a strong resurgence in 2017: The 80’s. This might hurt to hear for all of the children of the 80’s, but this era is officially retro. With YouTube being widely popular for children ages four and up, people can watch music videos and movies from all decades thus creating a new found nostalgic appreciation for the decade, and it is also being rehashed in brand new cinema and television shows. Stranger Things was one of the most successful tv shows of last year; incorporating all the elements of an 80s film that people love and cherish. Suddenly, the cinema world is exhibiting more and more 80s elements in their set designs, soundtrack, filming techniques, and popular 80s movies are being redone.

The design world is catching onto the design trend as well. Geometric shapes and fun patterns are being utilized in everything from web design to fashion and event design. Corporate events are exhibiting bold uses of color and patterns: cobalt blues, bright pinks, electric yellow and neon orange. These colors grab the eye and are usually a focal point of the event, so design experts suggest these bold colors for centerpieces, tablecloths, rugs and more. The most noticeable 80’s design throwback is known as Memphis Design. Memphis Design is trademarked by abstract and angular furniture, pastel and punchy colors, and, above all, squiggles. If you still can’t picture this in your head, just think of Saved by The Bell.

You may see this design trend in new restaurants, apartments, and event halls too. For the last ten years, minimalism has been the trend. Minimalism includes neutral colors, bright lights, and greenery to accent the space and bring color. Designer Marc Bend claims that “people are hungry for color again,” and by the looks of set designs, home decor, fashion, and beauty trends, he’s definitely right.

This is more than likely nostalgia marketing at its best. Within an experiential marketing agency, nostalgia marketing is a form of marketing that is growing in popularity. Aligning marketing strategies with emotion has already proven to be successful, but tapping into fond memories can be an invaluable tactic. Smarts brands are stepping back into the past and reigniting campaign strategies. Nostalgia Marketing is tricky: brands need not rush into employing retro strategies without placing the modern world in context. The key is to create an emotional hook using nostalgia while offering something new. This is exactly why Pokemon Go was so widely popular upon its launch.

Understanding the power of Nostalgia in 2017 gives great insight to those planning a corporate event. Nostalgia is both an emotion and a thought process and is considered a blended emotion. Nostalgia can encourage healthy behaviors. For Example, if you are thinking about a period of time where you were younger by seeing the color scheme from Miami Vice at an event, chances are you suddenly feel healthier and happier. So, kick back in your pedal pushers and listen to some New Wave: the 80s are back.