Facebook live helps business

Facebook Live Helps Business Exposure | Event Team New Orleans

2019 is all about going LIVE. Consumers are increasingly using live video streaming apps to interact with friends, family, and followers. Facebook live is now available to the social network’s 1.6 billion-plus users, and one-third of Facebook users on smartphones across 14 markets claim that they had watched a live video of a celebrity, politician or influencer over the Facebook app before Facebook live was launched to all users globally in April 2016.

When it comes to corporate events, cost and venue capacity restrictions can limit the reach that your event has. Live streaming events has many benefits for your event because it gives your event more longevity, includes and informs those who could not attend, and provides content for future marketing campaigns.

Live streaming a corporate event engages a wider audience and helps spread your message far and wide. Some companies may be skeptical of live streaming corporate events because of the fear that people would choose to sit and watch from home instead of attending. However, it helps people decide if they want to participate your event the following year and engage and network in person. According to a study, 15% to 30% of virtual attendees will come to your physical event the following year, making Live Streaming the most cost-effective marketing tool to drive physical attendance.

Most virtual attendees don’t know much about your company or the event itself, but live streaming acts as an introduction to get your virtual crowd excited. One promotional idea is to offer exclusive codes to those virtual attendees to receive a discounted ticket for next year. Live Streaming events also allows the virtual attendees to ask questions online that can be addressed in live time by those at the event.

Even if something is recorded live, it still is recorded for archiving. This presents an opportunity for you to use moments that happened on stage to drive people back to the event through various platforms. Footage from your live stream can also be creatively repurposed as part of an awesome event highlight reel for future video marketing campaigns.

Your audience will notice that you are utilizing modern technology and that you respect their busy lives and want to give them an opportunity to participate. This makes your consumers transition into fans and will give your brand more of a reach and a better reputation.

As the festival season approaches, successful companies go with festival-themed events to make a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere for their attendees. Live streaming events like these also show that your brand has a sense of community and a festive nature. Planning events is strenuous, planning-oriented, and can make or break your event. Here at Event Design Build, we have over 100 years of experience in event planning, event design, and set production. We set ourselves apart from other event planning companies because we see your event as an opportunity to elevate you and your company.