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Four Event Design Trends That Increase Engagement

Corporate event design trends that increase engagement are becoming more and more about themes and interactive experiences. Although some corporations still host their events in banquet halls, there is a massive shift in the corporate realm towards exciting and memorable events hosted in extraordinary places. Here at Event Design Build, we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box. Here are four event design trends that will guarantee increased engagement and an experience your guests will never forget.

Ditching The White

White is classic and still is used from time to time, but now corporate events are all about making a statement by standing out. From metallic hues and jewel tones to bright color schemes of purples and greens: the event industry is embracing more wildly colored themes to keep the energy alive.

It’s All About Guest Experience

The whole purpose of a corporate event today is to provide guests the experience of a lifetime. Millennials have been responsible for this shift to experiential events and corporate festivities! Whether this means that you incorporate a photo booth, a cigar bar, or a wine tasting bar the entire purpose of your next event is to keep your guests engaged from start to finish.

Tech and Decor

In the digital age, event design trends are blending technology and decor in a big way. Augmented reality, thoughtful stage design, custom printing on unique textiles, and inclusive seating are just a few examples of ways that events are becoming more modern.

Innovative Stage Design

If there is one place all of your event attendees will be paying attention to, it is the stage. Event design trends of today have not only been experimenting with unique lighting, but also the overall architecture of the stage has been revolutionized.

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