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The Importance of Event Lighting | Event Design Build | LA

Have we told you about the importance of event lighting? Whether you are planning a personal event like a wedding or you are orchestrating something larger like a benefit or expo, setting the perfect atmosphere is important. Lights are one of the most important elements at your event for setting the mood, and they go a lot further than you might think. Bad lighting is always remembered, so to provide an atmosphere if fun, good ambiance and focal attention on the presentation, paying mind to your lighting is the way to go. Here is a list of why the lights are important to an event.

Coloring a neutral toned room

Specialized lighting can project your branding

Lighting can set the tone depending on your presentation

LED lighting is environmentally friendly

Fun lighting can hold and grab your guests’ attention

Other decor and aspects of your event can be enhanced with the right lighting

There are also different ways to light your event.


Uplighting is a great way to create an atmosphere at your event. Rooms can look bland if you do not use perimeter lighting. This is especially important for a simple more basic venue such as an empty ballroom, gallery, or conference center which can tend to be bland if you do not add in lighting and color. To begin with you will need to build ambiance with more lighting and decor. This event lighting idea is a great way to tie in a color that goes with your theme and create a wow factor upon guests entering the room.  


Gobos are a great way to add an element of design and depth to your event. Simply stated a gobo is a beam of light with a metal stencil over it that creates a pattern. Gobos can project any design or pattern including abstract shapes, patterns, pictures, and company logos. You can project gobos onto ceilings, floors, and walls, they are a great way to add visual interest.

Pin Lighting

Pin lighting is an excellent way to direct attention to certain parts of your event. Using a spotlight creates a dramatic effect that can transform centerpieces, decor elements, and table settings into incredible pieces of art. Not only do pin lights add drama to your event lighting, but they also provide a separation that is often needed between dark table linens and centerpieces allowing the centerpieces to pop and stand out. Pin lighting will make your event design a more dynamic visual experience.

Event Design Build has all the equipment that you need, including several lighting options. We also have the right team to install the lighting for you to enhance your event. Contact us today to see how we can make your event LIT!