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Summer Company Event Ideas

Do you need Summer Company Event Ideas? Look no further than here! Many companies have their corporate events in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. However, by ruling out summer, there are tons of missed opportunities. If you are up for organizing a summer event that will make lasting memories for the office all year round: consider a summer event! Event Design Build has such a great team; we can make a fantastic event any time of the year!

BBQ Party

BBQ parties may take the directions that no one from the corporate team has ever experienced before. Choose a theme that will fit only one team. For example, if your company has had a long-running joke throughout the year: turn it into a menu!

Park Clean-up

Empowering a corporate team with one big goal is great for morale. Community-service corporate summer parties can be more than work if appropriately organized. If most of your day is spent towards community service, make sure there is always a relaxing reward at the end of the day.

Decade Themed Event

Do you have numerous outfits from your high school days in your closet begging for you to wear them again? Make your corporate event a decade themed costume party! Make your playlist, food, and exercises themed around that decade. Nostalgia is a great way to bring your team together.

Cocktail Party

This is almost self-explanatory. Picking a cozy bar with a relaxing setting is an excellent setting for a corporate party. To liven up the party, including a cocktail mix contest.

Champagne Breakfast

Your brain is always working at full capacity in the morning. Afterall, the early bird gets the worm. Including champagne will make your guests feel rewarded but will also make your corporate event more productive.

If you are looking for a team that will plan the perfect event for your company, Event Design Build is your destination for building attractive and memorable corporate events in the Greater New Orleans area. Make a splash this summer with Event Design Build.