the Met Gala

The 2018 Met Gala | What We Can Learn

The 2018 Met Gala has come and gone once again and this year may have had the most conversation surrounding it than ever before. The Met Gala is known as fashion’s biggest night of the year and always delivers the most show-stopping red carpet fashion. Here at Event Design Build, we know that a theme is important to any event. This year, we look at the largest events to draw inspiration from. This year’s theme might be a little tricky to take-away from because of the religious theme.

The theme of the 2018 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Exhibit was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination. Although many religious people might have felt up in arms about something seemingly blasphemous, the event itself received an official stamp of approval from the Vatican. Also, the exhibit itself included 50 garments and accessories loaned from the Vatican.

As event professionals, there are three main lessons that we can learn from the Met Gala.

Choose a theme that will inspire costumes

Choosing a theme makes preparing for an event fun for the attendees. For example, if you have an event in the spring and urge your attendees to dress in a costume that signifies their favorite flower: this will create anticipation and excitement. Everyone loves to show off their creative side!

Generate a hashtag for your event

People are already taking advantage of hashtags for weddings, so why not a corporate event? Coming up with a hashtag will encourage your event-goers to showcase your event on social media and create a buzz around it.

Be Bold

2018 is all about the shock factor. If you have missed the mark with your events in the past, try doing something that makes a statement. Whether it be a remarkable centerpiece or an avant-garde music selection you should try to make your event as unforgettable as you can!

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