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The Biggest Event Failures | Event Design Build | New Orleans

Why would we write a blog about the biggest event failures ever? Because it’s Halloween! Nothing can be more frightening and horrific for a company than failed events. Here are five of the biggest event fails of all time.

The Wrong Winner for Best Picture Gets Announced at The Oscars 2017

Last year feels like it was just here, and of course, everyone remembers this flop. La La Land was wrongly announced as Best Picture during the 89th Oscars when it was actually Moonlight that was the real winner.

A Barney Blow Up

Every year on Thanksgiving, people sit around their tv and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade featuring floats, balloons, famous characters and performers. In 1997, Barney made an appearance, a beloved children’s show icon. However, the balloon suffered a huge explosion.

Lights Out At The Super Bowl

The 2013 Super Bowl made headlines for having a blackout and halting the game for 34 minutes. Even worse, they didn’t give their viewers and explanation of what happened. People of course assumed the worst, such as a terrorist attack.

Eventually, they said that there had been an abnormality that triggered the shutdown. Luckily, they had a backup that kept the stadium from being totally dark.


Sure, social media is great when it is used the right way. Starbucks created a christmas hashtag known as #spreadthecheer and broadcast their tweet mentions on a live screen. Everything seemed to be going marvelously until they were called out for not paying their taxes.

Screenshot of Starbucks Spread the Cheer Hashtag Failure with post of people saying Starbucks Pay your taxes


We like to continue learning here at Event Design Build and sometimes even though failures are awful, we learn from them! To ensure that you don’t have to endure the horrors of an event failure, call Event Design Build today!