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The New Orleans Event Professionals | Event Design Build

Trust the New Orleans Event Professionals here at Event Design Build. When a business is set around a large city like New Orleans, it only makes sense to take advantage of the location. To help promote the image and give a special night out for those associated with it, a business can be encouraged to host a private event. However, each company provides a different connection with consumers, requiring a different image at the event to best suit the personality. New Orleans event planning can be an ordeal in preparing, but the positive results from Event Design Build have always been clear.

Event Design Build services have taken on dozens of clients ranging from the Louisiana Department of Transportation to Burger King, and each has had its own style. For one example, the Mercedez-Benz of Mobile Grand Opening Gala promoted a nightclub-like setting with dancing and hors d’oeuvres to create a cocktail event. On the other hand, the AARP 2012 Life @ 50+ National Expo and Concert gave a large festival experience with live musical performances for thousands of attendees. Sometimes, events take nights one step further such as TNT and TBS’s All Access Event giving participants chances to be a part of their favorite shows. For fundraising, inaugurations, or promotional displays, these events can be a fun day out for guests and a financially successful night for business.

Though each event has a different goal, audience, or style, each one of them goes through thousands of decisions before reaching the final product. For New Orleans event planning, professionals must consider the location, the number of guests, the entertainment, the decorations, the food, the lights, and so much more before even considering the topic. Fortunately, companies like Event Design Build have perfected the preparation process by handling every detail of the process. Under proper management, the ideal vision of the company can come to life.

Event Design Build boasts more than 100 combined years of New Orleans event planning experience. If you plan on hosting a major event for your business, please contact us at (504) 250-4727 for more information.