The Power of Choice

Everyone likes the opportunity to have a choice. While many meetings and conferences do a great job by letting the attendees have a choice, the same hasn’t always been true for corporate events. Here at Event Design Build, we believe in the power of choice. By integrating some element of choice, personalization, and customization your event will have the engagement you want!

Studies show that the greatest motivation and personal satisfaction comes from things we choose for ourselves. This is known as intrinsic motivation: the desire to do something for our own sakes. Intrinsic motivation can translate to any setting easily. Everyone wants to feel as though they have the ability to change something. So, how do we give our attendees the ability to choose?

The idea is to create an event that meets the needs of your participants and in order to do so, you need to look at your attendees as individuals. Individuals have individual needs and also are hoping to get different outcomes from your corporate event. Here are three unique ways to get your attendees to have a choice.

Learning Arcade – In this approach, participants have the opportunity to choose what they want to learn about and make their way around to a number of micro sessions on a variety of topics. Participants choose what’s most relevant to them.

Feature Specialists at Dinner – Turn mealtime into great learning and networking opportunities by having knowledge specialists at each table or area. Having a specialist or speakers from the morning breakout sessions integrated into lunch can provide further opportunity for dialogue and engagement on diverse topics.

MindMenu™ Presentations – This choose-your-own-adventure style presentation approach puts the flow of content into the hands of the audience. The presenters invite the audience to vote from a menu of topic options (via their mobile devices) to select which topics they’d like to know more about. This approach not only increases audience engagement it also provides insight into the audience’s interests while still disseminating the content required.

Event Design Build is ready to take your event to the next level! If you are overwhelmed with planning your next event, let the event professionals at EDB help you today!