in-person marketing

The Psychological Value of In-Person Marketing

Do you know about in-person marketing? 96% of Americans shop online. And why wouldn’t they? Today’s consumers can virtually try on clothes, have chef prepared meals sent straight to their doors, and even shop for and purchase cars online. There might be no reason ever to leave home. Apparently, if you judge from the images of barren, closed down malls, this seems to be the case. Could this be the death of real-world experiences?

Although it is easy to toss out in-person experiences due to the rise of e-commerce, we are overlooking an essential component of the selling process and consumer psychology. Utilizing in-person experiences can probably sway your consumer’s purchasing decisions more than you think.

An important component of purchasing decisions is touch. Tactile exposure to an item can increase its perceived value. Consumers are already forming a bond with the item and begin to develop feelings of ownership when a tactile relationship has been created.

Furthermore, the coming together and sharing of these in-person experiences can create value. Allow your consumers to form a relationship with your brand by meeting your consumers face-to-face. In a world where most of us are glued to our screens, face-to-face encounters are even more special.

A pop-up shop is an excellent example of bringing your online product into the real world. A pop-up shop allows your audience to see your product in person, touch it, form a relationship with it, and then make more informed decisions about purchasing it online. The new trend of “guideshops” are concepts that allow consumers just to try on or touch the product but not buy it.

Of course, experiential marketing and social events allow your audience to experience your brand in a fun real-world setting. Not only will your brand be influencing their purchasing decisions, but you will also be generating buzz that will get your community talking.

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