Events Can Grow Your Brand 

Three Ways Events Can Grow Your Brand

Most Business leaders have one thing in common, they want the best for their business. If you want to be a great business leader, you should be using events to benefit your business in many ways. Here at Event Design Build, we’ve been running events for years and know how events can transform a business. Here are a few recommendations and tips on how to showcase your business through events in 2018.

Host events to educate an audience

People usually attend events to network and be educated. Prepare your event to be an education event for all that attend. Hosting  conferences give you a platform to showcase your expertise. You’ll then have a delegate list ready to plug into your other communication channels. When you run conferences, there is something about the content that inspires delegates. You’ll leave them inspired and energised from their experience.

Exhibit at events

If your business needs lead generation, then you should consider exhibitions. Exhibitions offer a unique opportunity to meet prospects face-to-face. It’s important to pick the right exhibitions. In order to pick the right exhibitions, do your research before attending and find out numbers of attendees and who else will be exhibiting.

The next step is perfecting your company pitch. Practice your presentation on friends, family members and colleagues.

Don’t think about completing sales at the exhibition as your main goal. The hard work starts after the event. This is where remarketing becomes really important. Be sure to follow-up all of your leads with a personalised approach.

Attend Events To Expand Your Network

Try to attend industry gatherings and relevant events or conferences. Look out for local business clubs which put on regular events with business leaders in the local community. In Nottingham, we have two high profile business clubs which each meet monthly with presentations from local businesses and the opportunity to network.

You should ALWAYS be social!  Follow up with your new connections on LinkedIn, and follow them on Twitter. If you plug your new connections into your broader platforms you’ll have more opportunities to keep in touch and convert over time.

Here at Event Design Build, we want to help your brand network, grow, and exceed your expectations. Contact us for your event needs today!