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What We Can Learn From The MTV Video Music Awards

Everyone knows about the MTV Video Music Awards. It is a highly anticipated event every year that highlights each year’s best music videos. However, U.S event producers reviewed the ceremony’s 35th edition: praising the two futuristic, tech-enhanced stages, a revamped moon man and more. However, many producers criticized the show’s lack of a host, order of performances, and Madonna’s Aretha Franklin tribute. Here at Event Design Build, we look at these highly anticipated events for inspiration and growing in our craft. Here are the good and bad aspects of the 2018 VMA Awards.


  • Set design worked well for Radio City Music Hall.
  • The lighting was transformative for each act.
  • The stage design provided an easy transition between presenters and main stage performances.
  • LED lighting was hung on a curved, non-geometric and futuristic stage
  • Usage of lasers and hologram effects were perfect
  • Projections were used to change the stage to surreal settings
  • Excellent usage of elements of Augmented reality


  • The design should bring fresher and newer ideas.
  • Musical selections were increasing from more somber songs to really upbeat songs. All events should start with something upbeat to set the pace.
  • There was no bright and fresh new talent.
  • Audience did not seem as engaged as prior years.
  • Microphones for speeches were not adaptable for the presenters and accepters.
  • No clear direction for people to enter and exit the stage