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Trends in The Event Design World To Look For in 2019.

2018 is over and gone, and wow it was a wild ride! As we look forward to 2019, Event Design Build already has their sights on what new trends will be in the event design world this year! Here are five event trends that are sure to dominate 2019.

Your Audience Wants An Authentic Experience

There are an increasing number of events held yearly and sometimes it’s hard to not feel like copycats of other successful conferences. In 2019, your audience is going to want to be fully immersed in an authentic experience. Make sure you are choosing sponsors that represent your event perfectly. Keep your attendees engaged by making sure your event’s purpose is clear and authentic.

It’s All About Bleisure

Combining “business and pleasure” has always been a staple of corporate travel and that’s where bleisure comes in. Make sure your event combines leisure and relaxation within the corporate event.


2019 is projected to take diversity very seriously. Your panelists and speakers should range in diversity from race to gender, but you should provide for diversity in every aspect of your event.

Stage Design

Modern imagery techniques such as 3D projective and the creative use of lighting will remain in the spotlight this year. The best stage design engages all senses. Try incorporating modular stages with different lighting on each to reinforce the themes. If you change the lighting to match the topics of each session, it will help the audience switch appropriately.

Event Design Build is geared up and ready for another exciting year. If you need help making your event the best it can possibly be, contact us immediately!